Tategaki Business Card Maker – 縦書き名刺作成

Tategaki Business Card Maker allows you to make your business card with vertical text (Japanese and Chinese Fonts).  It also supports horizontal text(Japanese, Chinese and English Fonts).  You can create a business card with multiple vertical, horizontal texts, icons, and images!  It’s very customizable.


  Supports card sizes for business card (US 3.5 x 2, Japan 91 x 55mm, China 90 x54mm, Western Europe 85 x 55mm, Eastern Europe 90 x 50mm, 2.5″ Square, 2″ Square).

– Multiple background colors to choose from.

– Easily rotate and resize your text, images and icons!

– Change the transparency of text, images and icons.

– Lock and Unlock objects.

  60 Unique Japanese Fonts,  32 Chinese Fonts, and 53 English Fonts!

   (English Fonts are only supported for the horizontal text application.)

  Numerous Cool Stamp Icons!

  Print and save to your iBook or your Photo Album.  Send by email.


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